Monday, May 5, 2008

Google Maps Geocoding API Launched, Finally!

Looks like Google finally releases a (edit: an improved) Geocoding service for the Google Maps API. Try it out here. I wonder how compares to the Yahoo Maps API Geocoding service that has been available for some time.

edit. Google Maps API has had geocoding available since June 11th, 2006 according to their blog article "Geocoding at Last". They've since then added geocoding for the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

It would be interesting to see a street/address based geocoding service from From data alone it is obvious that it would have more world coverage then Google Maps or Yahoo Maps Geocoding. At the moment they only offer geocoding based on "geographical object names" with help from It should be quite trivial to write a street/address geocoding algorithm using the data. Half the world lives outside the data covered by Google and Yahoo! Geocoding - the exotic half.


Pamela Fox said...

We've had geocoding for quite a while (a year?). This post just announced that the geocodes were of a different accuracy now.

bob said...

can you send code for google maps geocoding api.

bob said...

can any one send the code for google maps geocoding api.