Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Suva, Fiji Mapped on OpenStreetMap.org

Watching live twits for the keyword "Suva" in the twitter mashup I'm creating, I came across this twit from strangepants:

Slowly mapping Suva on OpenStreetMap.org: http://tinyurl.com/5bszrn.
Checking it out I find the beginning of an up to date and accurate street map for Suva, Fiji.

Even living in Fiji you can't find good maps of Suva. The ones sold here are outdated with inaccurate street names and locations. Google Maps does not have coverage of Suva and Google earth has very limited coverage.

This is another example of how openly edited initiatives (eg: OpenStreetMap.org) are superior to closed proprietary initiatives (eg: Google Maps, Yahoo Maps).

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megcb said...

completely agree. the maps in the phone books are hopeless, and they're the only ones I could find. Add to the fact that there are very few street signs its little wonder I ended up in Nausori looking for Laucala Beach... and google directions can't even manage Nadi-Suva: pathetic!

Great someone is working on this, thanks for the heads up...