Sunday, June 22, 2008

Online Application Development Platforms and Services

Everyone is offering Application development as a service!


AppJet is the easiest way to create a web app. Just type some code into a box, and we'll host your app on our servers.


AppPad provides a place to create web applications completely in HTML and Javascript. AppPad gives you:

Bungee Connect

Bungee Connect is the most comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) — significantly reducing the complexities, time and costs required to build and deliver web applications.


Coghead is a 100% web-based system that allows knowledge workers to create their own custom business applications. There’s never any software to install or servers to maintain. Just think it, build it and share it!

Google App Engine

Google App Engine enables you to build web applications on the same scalable systems that power Google applications.

I was going to add more but got bored after reaching G. Now I'm just waiting for that meta web application development environment that integrates all the above with a RESTful API. lol...

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Anonymous said...

Web application development is one aspect that has picked up in the current times and it is one of the most inevitable aspects at that. Ecommerce or to put it in layman's words business on the net is impossible without what we technically term as web applications. However, web application development has to be effective enough to earn business; otherwise it is as good as non existent.